VIP Referral Program

How It Works

Our VIP Referral Program is run through ThriveCart. When you become a partner of mine, you’ll get a custom affiliate link to promote You can share this link with anyone through social media, email, paid ads, etc.

When someone clicks your affiliate link and joins our program, you’ll earn 40% of the sale! We pay our affiliates every 30 days to help prevent fraud and cover refunds.

Once you create your free account, you can login anytime to see how many sales you’ve referred. We’ll also provide promotional materials for you to use along with your affiliate link to help you make more sales. Look for emails from me with this content as well as instructions on how to use them.

Affiliates are also allowed to provide bonuses to their customers if they sign up through your affiliate link, which is very powerful for generating more sales! For example, if you have a BJJ video series, you can offer it for free to anyone that signs up for Everybody wins!

Affiliates are NOT allowed to make any false claims or give inaccurate information about our offer, website or instructors. Any fraud, theft, deception, etc will be dealt with legally. We reserve the right to deny access to our program at our discretion.

If you have any questions about these terms, click here to contact me directly.

Thank you,
Jeff Curran.

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